Salty Plums & Fruit Chews

Plums and other types of fruit that has been have been dried, salted and sometimes sweetened.  Fruitjoy® offers a wide variety which are loved by consumers all over the world.

Black Plum

Fig Chew

Japanese Plum

Plum Chew

Red Plum

Red Sweet Ginger

Sweet Olives

Sweet Sour Peach

White Sour Plum

Black Sour Plum

Ginger Cubes

Liquorice Plum

Plum Kis

Red Salty Ginger

Salty Apricot

Sweet Plum

Sweet Sour Plum

White Sweet Plum

Brown Salty Plum

Happy Plum

Milky Plum

Plum Slice

Red Salty Plum

Seedless Salty Plum

Sweet Salty Plum

Tamaring Sweet

Darwin Plum

Hawthorn Block

Papaya Strips

Red Mango

Red Sour Plum

Spicy Salty Mango

Sweet Seedless Plum

White Salty Plum

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