With our dynamic product range, effective display equipment, and the winning business model, all our product distributors can enjoy a great income as a service contractor or franchisee. 

Since 2000, Wide Distribution has secured exclusive right to supply a wide range of proven products to retail stores. In addition, Wide Distribution also supplies a growing range of well known brand products. Our dynamic product range are well received by our retail customers.

Our business model provides retail stores an irresistible offer to range our products in their stores. And this enables us to gain new customers very quickly. Our diverse customer base includes Foodworks, IGA supermarkets, Spar supermarkets, convenience stores, independent grocery stores, fruit markets, pubs, clubs and lots of other small retail outlets.

Aiming to expand our distribution network Australia wide, Wide Distribution is now selecting right people to join us to supply our products to retail stores in their local areas anywhere in Australia. 



The distributor's main function is to provide regular service to those customers allocated to their care by the company. The company will provide a number of customers to you according to the number of days that you signed up to operate.

The distributor will be trained with skills needed to operate the business in ultimate efficiency. You will visit a list of company's customers such as your local IGA, and monitor all products ranged in store. You will then make a top up order, and set up products on delivery.

The distributor revisits the store on a regular basis. This routine activity will produce a great ongoing sales, from which you will have a healthy cut.



  1. A wide range of exclusive products means no other source of supply, your customers would have to wait for you for product supplies.

  2. A truly lifestyle business that enables you to run your business from home, with flexible days and hours, as a part time or full time operation.

  3. Company sales rep will find more customers and add to your customer list if you need.

  1. You need to be in good character, and able to build and maintain good relationship with customers.

  2. You need to be sales oriented, and able to attend to operational details.

  3. You need to have a reliable delivery van, similar to a TOYOTA HIACE LONG WHEEL BASE.

  4. You need to have sufficient funds to cover short term credit to customers allocated to your care.



  1. Contact us to request a Distributorship Application Form.

  2. Fill in details required, and email it to us.

  3. You will receive a Letter Of Offer and a Distribution Agreement upon approval.

  4. After signing up, our experienced sales rep will train you to become an efficient operator. 

Areas Available for Distribution

  • Brisbane South: 1 available

  • Brisbane North: 1 available

  • Brisbane East: filled, not available

  • Brisbane West: filled, not available

  • Gold Coast:  available

  • Sunshine Coast:  available

  • Regional Queensland:  available

New South Wales
  • Sydney:  available

  • Melbourne:  available

South Australia
  • Adelaide:  available

Western Australia
  • Perth:  available

Other Areas​​

Please contact us to check the availability for your area

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